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Published: 04th November 2010
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IQ4bis is an absolute business intelligence software solution that empowers executives and business managers across all levels of an organization with the command and flexibility to inquire about questions and solutions based upon an obvious view of advanced operational data.

IQ4bis believes in straightforwardness and the tools, which are provided, are only useful when people install them quickly and with no trouble. IQ4bis furnishes the actionable data you need to know the modalities of your business. A recognized and appreciated global innovator in earlier times known as Q4bis, iQ4bis has been providing high impact tools to a list of international clients since 1985.

IQ4bis is an extremely vigorous solution competent of managing the most challenging of analytic environments while delivering intuitive, actionable reports.

Business Solutions for an extensive variety of ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, CRM; JD Edwards and SharePoint Enterprise Portal integration as well as Products and services include iQ4bis Analysis™ and iQ4bis DataServer™

IQ4bis can rapidly and economically ease pain, if you are a Fortune 500 global corporation that needs the integration of hundreds of different data sources across various regional of geographies player who spends an excessive amount of time generating never-ending reports.

IQ4bis has intended a wizard based solution to give power to one who just delivers the same old quality of work as the fifteen year seasoned DBA. If one is the fifteen year seasoned DBA, iQ4bis will make him possible to speed up the delivery of projects as providing all documentation necessary to help him become compliant as well as enabling one to focus on additional strategic initiatives.

IQ4bis is highly spontaneous for even the nearly all novices of users, while "Traditional BI" is under attack toward the power user; IQ4bis is the just solution which is so simple that we accurately print our user manuals on a mouse-pads.

IQ4bis is for all time looking for more and more world-class partners. Being part of iQonnection extends and beefs up your already muscular value proposition. Raising your business with your present customer base is the elegant course to increase sales and earning benefits, and as an iQ4bis associate, you get jam-packed access to sales and technical education. You will also take pleasure in unparalleled technical and marketing support from a global organization dedicated to your achievement and that of your clients.

The value of our network can be estimated by the number of our partners we have. A number of reliable and professional partners are the asset of iQ4bis. IQonnection is the iQ4bis Global Certified Partner Alliance Program. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, iQ4bis can widen the tool kit of value-added resellers and IT firms all over the world with a business analytics solution that works around the world. IQ4bis is built right on top of the Microsoft stack, not like the "Walled Garden" of many proprietary solutions. This means there is slight or no learning curve for IT professionals and rapid deployment at your customer site.

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